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“On the new album…it’s evident that the guitar-toting, velvety-voiced, accomplished singer-songwriter has evolved out of his artistic adolescence and flourished into musical maturity.”

– Aesthetic Magazine


“To sum it up, Chad Price is someone you should be listening to, if you’re not already. This album is definitely worth a download, all twelve songs kept me interested and wanting more, which is not always an easy feat.”

– Jenna Melanson, Canadian Beats


“Do not be fooled by the ‘pop music’ framework that surrounds the real hidden gem of Another Day, and focus on the heartfelt lyrics in which so many of us can relate. Forget about dreaming, the truth is Chad Price is here to stay. His musical talent is easily recognizable, and when true talent is before you, it is difficult to deny. Anyone who has the pleasure of seeing him perform live is in for a real treat; chills and goose bumps included, free of charge…Chad Price is unique, inspiring and quite refreshing, and this is only the beginning for this up and coming talent”

– Kassandra Rudder, Localiez Magazine


“At the start of Chad Price, you may feel one way but it’s almost certain that after twelve tracks that swing between R&B, soul, blues, and folk, you’ll come out feeling differently. [Price is] a confident and mature artist with a penchant for heartfelt lyrics that effortlessly flow from a velvet tongue that emanates a warm charm”

– Phil Regalado, Ohestee


“The young artist is a staple in the music scene and garners a theme along the likes of JP Cooper and Lianne La Havas…It’s a sound to experience and it beats the noise pollution that usually drowns most local musicians”

– Samah Ali, The Western Gazette


“There isn’t just one genre to describe Chad Price‘s music. He’s got a very soulful voice, but on the other…there’s a slight country twang with the occasional bluesy slapback as he sits there keeping the beat with his guitar…It’s the overlap of technical and emotional elements that makes his music unique in the first place…it’s always a good surprise with Chad Price”

– Priya Ramji, Bestfan


“Many of the world’s most recognizable songs have been penned in places like London, Greenwich Village or sunny California. In the near future, we may be able to add Brock University to this celebrated list. This past spring, 26-year-old singer-songwriter and Brock graduate Chad Price (BA ’10) released his debut album In This Dream. It’s a collection that has caught the attention of the music industry…However you define it, his music is getting noticed”

Paxton Allewell, Surgite Magazine


“His sophomore release took him a number of years to complete, requiring patience to allow the songs to develop naturally. With the knowledge and experience has has gained since graduating from Brock, Price feels he has reached a level of maturity and sophistication with his latest collection of songs”

– Erin Court, The Brock News